Gary Warner


17. November to 4. December 2016

Sound carries through space, across time, into psychological terrains of thought and feeling. Significantly variant to vision, sound - invisible - relies upon and consumes time. There is no analogue of the photograph within the technology of audio recording or the biology of hearing.

In this experimental art project, recorded sounds, as subject and material, are wilfully placed at the experiential epicentre. The installation purposefully creates a space of darkness for listening contemplation, shaped, guided or provoked by an unpredictable multilayered procession of aural suggestion.  

Five audio playback units surround a pentagonal bench, in a night dark space. Each unit presents numerous distinct examples selected from audio field recordings I have made over four decades using a succession of technologies. The files of this immaterial catalogue of ephemerality select and play randomly, to establish a continuously recombinant, chance-oriented, ever-changing sonic-poetic atmosphere.

Soundtracker was a site-specific installation developed for

ES74 Gallery.

Photographic documentation by Anthony Hodgkinson

and Annelies Jahn