Tuesday, 29. July 2017, 12–9 pm:

Performance Day #2 and Closing Celebration

This event showcases artists, performers and participants exploring themes of care, emotional

labour and unpaid labour. It is open to all genders. Please note this is a safe and inclusive space.

Main Gallery, 12–2 pm:

A workshop hosted by Gabrielle Bates
Back Street Magic: Witchcraft in threatened

urban environments

"Home Protection Amulets", 2017

Gabrielle’s project for Care & Constraint is a performative workshop involving the ritual crafting of ‘home protection amulets’. Participants will be invited to create their own amulets using ritual techniques of walking, foraging, binding and candle smoke drawing. The session will run for approximately 2 hours and protection for clothing is recommended.

Main Gallery, 3 pm:

Alana Wesley, Incubate (Eggshell Rug), 2017

"Incubate" explores the emotional labour women regularly invest towards men, only to often find themselves emotionally shattered in the process. The installation investigates the word labour as a double entendre for not only physical and emotional exertion, but reproduction. As people casually allow themselves to walk over the egg shell rug, they thus not only destroy the artists' creative endeavours, but decimate the labours of hens whom have spent time and effort making sure their eggs would hatch. The work is a call to arms for us to become more conscious of the frequency with which emotional support is both given by (and expected of) women, and yet the rapid rate that it still goes unnoticed- or, swept under the rug. 


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Main Gallery, 4 pm:

Rebecca Shanahan, "Underpinnings", 2017

Underpinnings is a labour performance in which the artist hand-sews name labels into visitors’ clothes, replacing the garment owner’s name with the title ‘Art Recipient’. This specifically female-identified sewing and caring activity mirrors and makes visible the ‘iceberg economy’ of women’s volunteer labour that is required for capitalism (including the art market) to function. It also considers the shifting, liminal zones between public and private spaces and activities. The labels become the residue of an act of total giving, a small reminder that the women who form the majority of Australian artists are also the underpaid, under-recognised caregivers for Australian culture. 



Main Gallery, 5 pm:

Workshop run by Hannah McKellar

"Nest 2", 2017


A continuation of Nest building, which started  25. July 2027, open to all viewers and participants. "Nest 2" adapts the idea of a nest and distorts its intentions, placing emphasis on discomforts in contemporary society, false barricades and constant illusions of safety.



Main Gallery, 5 pm:

Katya Petetskaya, I am not my skin, 2017


neti neti 
not this, not that,
I am not my skin
I am not my breath
I am not my memories
neti neti 
not this, not that



Main Gallery, 6–9 pm:

Closing Celebration and Drink