Special Events

Book on display in the Gallery, 18.– 29. July 2017:

Ella Cutler, "It's Okay'", 2017

Ella Cutler has contributed her publication 'It's Okay', a collection of LGBT+ women / women identifying stories for the duration of Care & Constraint. The text is available for reading during workshops and events.

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Online and Gallery, 18.– 29. July 2017:

Clara Wells, "It's 24/7", 2017

The work created for this exhibition is in two parts; the first being a social media take over, featuring .gif works, the second being an onsite installation at ES74 Gallery. The .gifs are the result of short conversations Clara undertook with women at CoCA (Christchurch, NZ) concerning the everyday mental health challenges women face in their roles as emotional labourers. The .gifs and flag installations all serve as fleeting moments of thought, clarity and frustration towards everyday feelings, giving them tangible existence as signals in real life and online. The works repurpose the inherently masculine flag and claim feminine space within the male dominated online world by the nature of both mediums as rudimentary signals, communicators and embellishments in an attempt to shed light on underrepresented issues faced by many women.

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