Care & Constraint – Participating Artists:

Clara Wells

Clara Wells is a Christchurch-based experimental motion, installation and video artist. Her recent work focusses on methodological practices such as the use of surrealist drawing and traditional animation techniques along with modern technologies to tap into subconscious thoughts and to explore physical surrounds.

Ella Cutler

Ella Cutler is a Visual Communications student at the University of Technology Sydney. Her research involves addressing issues faced by young LGBT+ women and women identified people who feel undervalued, unheard and disenfranchised by society as well as other LGBT+ groups.

Rachel Buch

Rachel Anne Buch recently graduated from the National Art School in 2014. Since then she has developed projects as an artist and curator for public spaces such as the Bondi Pavilion, Glebe Markets and Gaffa, all of which focus on experience as a methodology of appreciating art. 

Elizabeth West

Elizabeth West is a multidisciplinary artist working with themes of collecting, transforming and the experience of time. Working with weaving and installation Elizabeth aims to create opportunities for reflection.

Ripper Gently

Ripper Gently is a performance artist who moves between curated environments and bars. Their work deals with gender, self-loathing and trying to get paid.

Gillian Kayrooz

Currently studying at Sydney College of the Arts and majoring in screen arts, Gillian Kayrooz focuses on video and its potential to create surreal stories through an abstract array of image, visuals, sound and performance. Her work involves a development of transgressive characters and persona’s within a space that holds no notable structures of time. Commenting on the interplay between identity, culture and consumerism in contemporary society.

Ivana Jovanovic

Currently completing a Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership degree at UNSW Art & Design, Ivana explores the intersections between artistic and curatorial methodologies and the boundaries between collaborative and material practice.

Hannah McKellar

Hannah McKellar experiments with form and material in the context of soft sculpture to explore anxieties of self, society and the environment in which we live. Having a background in printmaking she has felt a growing need to push into the three-dimensional realm to create objects as a form of therapy, using nostalgic materials and time-consuming processes in an attempt to mentally slow down.

Gabrielle Bates

Gabrielle Bates is a Sydney-based artist and writer who explores how we remember, understand and experience place. Her current Masters research at UNSW Art & Design investigates the vital role that marginal narratives such as Witchcraft play in the creation and protection of place.

Alana Wesley

Alana Wesley is an emerging artist who completed her Honours at the Sydney College of the Arts last year and has shown at various Sydney spaces including MOP Projects (2011), Airspace (2015) ,Articulate (2016) , as well as International spaces such as The Jon Wood Studio (New York) and The Sebright Space (London) .Working across the fields of performance and installation, Alana regularly beckons viewers to explore and interact , as well as viscerally triggers emotional states and experiences. 

Rebecca Shanahan

Rebecca Shanahan is a Sydney-based artist working across performance, video and photography. Recent exhibitions include ‘Home Security’ at Airspace Projects in April 2017 and ‘Open for Maintenance’ and ‘We Are Still Alive’ at SCA Galleries and Verge Gallery in 2015; recent awards include a 2014 NSW Artists Grant.

Katya Petetskaya

Katya Petetskaya is a visual artist working predominantly in painting and visual art performance. She explores alternative forms of knowledge that go beyond thought, to understand the co-relation between body and reality. She was born and raised in Russia and now lives.


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