Tuesday, 25. July 2017, 4–8 pm:

Let’s Create Workshop 

Main Gallery, 4–5 pm:

Workshop run by Hannah McKellar

"Nest 2", 2017

"Nest 2" adapts the idea of a nest and distorts its intentions, placing emphasis on discomforts in contemporary society, false barricades and constant illusions of safety. Female viewers are invited to collaborate in making rope ties, knots and weavings which the artist will string through a large-scale frame of a nest. 

Adopting the tedious and painful process of embroidery and wire weaving acts as a form of therapy, the production of the work is intended to help the artist and volunteers work together to rid and externalize any anxieties they may have.

Main Gallery, 6–8 pm:

Workshop run by Rachel Buch 

"Do We CARE?" (Construction Work), 2017

This workshop will be a continuation of collaborative form building with Rachel, begun on Tuesday, 18. July 2017.

During the workshop there will be small activities designed to open up discussions on how women feel in professional fields and whether there are resonating concerns. Through these small activities, culminated together it
will eventually resolve itself into one complete artwork which will be displayed at the end of the exhibition. 


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