Saturday, 22. July 2017, 4–6 pm: 

Performance Day #1

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This event showcases artists, performers and participants exploring themes of care, emotional

labour and unpaid labour. It is open to all genders. Please note this is a safe and inclusive space.

Private Studio Space, from 4 pm:

Ripper Gently, Peepshow, 2017

A durational piece in which participants are invited to use the services of the artist for support, catharsis, entertainment or research- for a nominal fee. 

'Peepshow' explores concepts of paid emotional labour, customer support and care within sex work and the payment of performance artists

Main Gallery, 4.30 pm

Gillian Kayrooz, Mouthful, 2015


The screening will be followed by an open round table discussion

with the artist.

Gillian is an emerging artist working through video and digital media. Mouthfulexplores the mouth as place and the visceral feminine body. The work will be shownin the main gallery space followed by an open round table discussion between theartist, curator, participants and audience focusing on femme body politics andnegotiations.

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Main Gallery, 5.15 pm:

Ivana Jovanovic, Curators Talk

This talk will open up discussion about women's gendered roles in

the creative industry and explore some of the themes within this collaborative program.